Insider Elite - What it is and how to join...

Insider Elite is the most comprehensive real estate investing training and membership platform ever created! Whether you want to generate an income using none of your own money or credit, or you want to actually buy and hold or flip real estate, this website covers every strategy and investing style.

Insider Elite, or "IE" for short, addresses the both sides of the equation for success in real estate investing... the knowledge and the execution! What most don't realize before they get started in real estate is that having the confidence and motivation to execute the strategies is equally, if not more important, than the strategies themselves. IE addresses this by not only giving you virtually an unlimited amount of training, from novice to expert level, but it keeps you accountable and gives you the push you need to implement the techniques to change your life.

It would take several pages to describe all of the benefits of the IE website, so we'll focus on the features our students love the most. Once we've showed you how amazing it is we encourage you to try it for yourself by becoming an Insider Elite member instantly!

Daily Wisdom

Each day one our expert investors publishes a video giving you up to the minute strategies, tips, ideas or motivation. This combined knowledge of dozens of successful investors in the field in and of itself it priceless! Not only do you have new wisdom being delivered daily, you have access to all of the past categorized videos totaling in the hundreds. There feature alone is a total goldmine to new and advanced investors alike.

Ask The Experts

There are points in time that everyone needs help wrapping their head around a particular idea or strategy. Sometimes you feel like you're missing that one piece to be able to put a new concept together. Or, maybe you're just curious how our experts would handle a particular situation. With Insider Elite you can have your question answered by the expert of your choice. Not only that, but you can review all of the other questions from other students and the expert's responses. The importance of this feature and the archive of Q&A's cannot be overstated!

Deal Analyzer

Determining the price that makes a deal a good deal is one of the things that can be the most confusing and time consuming, especially for new investors. So, we went ahead and made it easy by creating a system that automatically calculates the result for you by simply entering a few values into it. If that wasn't helpful enough, there are videos that walk you through the entire process, down to each tiny detail!

Member Match Making

No, it's not online dating... it is way better than that. This feature matches members with other members to get deals done. You simply enter what resources you available and what resources you need and you'll be matched with people who have what you need and others will be matched with you if they need what you have. It doesn't get any easier to collaborate with other members to conquer real estate one deal at a time!

Exclusive Deals

Do deals without anything more than the site! This feature allows members to list their deals so other members can help source buyers. In fact, some members do a large number of their deals through this feature of the website. It doesn't matter what side of the deal you are on, you can make money if you can make the deal happen!

Product Vault

As a member of IE you automatically get access to Dean's entire library of best-selling books he has ever written included, 100% free! That includes his latest and most comprehensive real estate investing book 30 Days to Real Estate Cash. Even the previous books are still important to read as time allows, but "30 Days" contains the latest blueprint that all of the top students use for generating income through real estate using none of their own money or credit. This book will help form the foundation for everything you learn and continue to learn as an IE member.

Expert Contributors

If the Daily Wisdom wasn't enough, our experts have their own corner of website where they can write articles sharing their latest tips, thoughts and passing along what is working for them and what isn't. Optimize your time by learning from their successes and avoiding their mistakes!

Life Coaching

So much of being successful in real estate does not have to do with the training. We know this because the same training has created countless successful investors. The difference between people who succeed and those who don't comes down to their individual situations - be it motivation, time, stresses, etc. Knowing this we have made Life Coaches available to help you get your life in order and add the accountability to keep you on track.

Progress and Accountability

The IE system is built with accountability in mind. The entire goal of the system is to get you to succeed, not just learn! Whether it is the daily check-in system, the progress tracking, or support from other members... you will know when you are giving your best and know when you aren't, which enables you to learn what is working for you and what isn't.

Live Special Events and Chats

If all this wasn't enough, multiple times a week there is a live online chat hosted by one of our experts where they will chat about a particular topic live with all the members and everyone can interact in real time, ask questions and give feedback. At all other times the chat room is open for members to meet up and chat freely. On top of that, about once a month Dean hosts a live training webcast exclusively for IE members. As you can tell, this is "Total Immersion" education platform!

And so much more...

This platform is already jam-packed with benefits, so many we couldn't list them all right here. Despite this, we're always working on new ways to evolve the system to keep to keep you at the cutting edge in real estate investing. Instead of just reading about it, go try Insider Elite for yourself for just $1 right now!