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My 1st deal!!!

I made my 1st DEAL!!!
Talk about addiction... I found mine!!
I know this stuff works but when you actually do it and it works omgosh!!
Searching through some ads I found a townhouse that a
gentleman had for sale that he started to rehab and
wanted to sell for $19,000.00. I called honestly hoping he
was a landlord thinking I could pick up someone to
add to my buyers list. During our phone conversation he told me that
he just lost interest and had enough rental income coming in
that he wanted to sell. So truly in my head bells and whistles went
off I heard one of the speakers from the edge event (sorry I don't
remember who) about packaged deals. I thanked him for his time and
told him I would get back with him. I did a little research and found

Sample copies of pre-foreclosure and short sale letters

Can anyone send me a copy of their "pre-foreclosure" letter(s) as samples? I am in the process of making multiple offers on "pre-foreclosure" properties, however, I would like to send the owner(s) letters, prior to any live contact. I need these letters ASAP!!! Thanks so FAM.... U are the greatest!!!

Oh, I forgot... can u send me sample copies of "short sale" letters to the banks as well. I have several of these I want to make offers on ... Thanks again.

Named Insured vs. Additional Insured vs. Additional Interest vs. Loss Payee vs. Mortgagee – What’s the Difference?

I am always happy to expand my knowledge on a particular topic. Like many people I have been using the term "Additional Insured" in dealing with my interest and others with regard to insurance on a property. I learned something from this article, that it is not always appropriate to use that term. I hope you will find it as enlightening as I did.
By Kelly Troy
As someone who writes prolifically about real estate and insurance, this article, as compared to others I have written, is relatively short, however, given some of the recent conversations I have had with investors and some of the recent classes I have taught, I feel it is necessary.

No Customer Service or REI Talk! What To Put Here!

This forum is for asking questions or providing feedback about aspects of the website itself only - not real estate investing (REI) or customer service/support (ordering, product support, etc).

Examples of what goes here:
"What are those badges/icons next to people's name?"
"How do I join a group on the site?"
"I think a great new forum topic could be XYZ!"
"Where can I get the investing sample forms and contracts?"

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #63 - How are YOU going to get there?

This is the longest and what I personally feel is the most powerful weekly video Dean has ever done. He shares a lesson that can do more to help propel you closer to your first or your fifth deal. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, scared to death, or a seasoned pro looking for an edge - This is a "do not miss" video.

Plus you get to watch a great clip of Carol Stinson sharing details on her first assignment deal that made her $10,000.

Watch, comment and get involved.

More details on this year’s EDGE live event click here:

Deans Insiders Edge Seminar

Has anybody been to one of Deans Insiders Edge Seminars going around the country. If so did you buy any prodcuts and how are they working?

FAQ: Answers To The Most Asked Questions - Start Here

This post will contain a constantly evolving list of frequently asked questions and topics for help or information. If you have a question, check here to see if has already been answered, or if there is an existing topic that you can build upon.

This is just a quick skim to get it started, so there is room for a lot more topics and posts to be noted here. If you notice a question or topic that would be helpful to be included, or link that should be added to an existing topic, please post the question/topic and links. Smiling

What does he mean by "Principals Only"?

Hi everyone,

I just came across an apartment building for sale and the ad where I found it states, among other things, "Principals Only". What does "Principals Only" mean?


Average Price for an Attorney to write A Purchase Agreement

I live in VA and I am interested in a property in Maryland. I want to write up an offer to present directly to the seller, since there isn't any agent involved. If I decided to use a Buyer's agent, how would they get paid, how much would they get paid and when would they get paid? Would they earn 3% or 6%. I am not sure.

Glossary of Real Estate Terms

GLOSSARY of real estate acronyms. Someone had mentioned it was hard to follow when just acronyms were used in posts. If you want to add to or have a question, leave a post and we'll edit it in.

30 Days Quick Cash Formula

IMPORTANT!!! Before you ask a question, please go through the thread's Table of Contents via the link below. Your question may have already been answered!

Topics of regular discussion:

*Finding the Perfect Real Estate Agent
*Building a Buyer's List
*Ghost Ads and Bandit Signs
*Assignments VS Double Closings
*Contracts and Purchase Agreements
*Earnest Money

This will be updated as progress is made Smiling

Telephone Script for Investors/Sellers

I am working on a step by step process for assignment of contracts. After I reach out to investors and sellers to build up my sellers/buyers list and these people call me, what script do I use or what do I say? I'm one of those people that I have to have some knowledge so when I talk to prospective sellers and buyers I know what I am talking about. I also know that experience is the best teacher.

Another question, Do I as a RE wholesaler use only 3 documents (per Carol,thank you)for the whole process? (1.The Instant Equity Exchange, 2. Investor Disclosure Agreement and Seller's Acknowledgment, & 3. Investor Purchase Agreement) Thank you in advance for your responses. Blessings

Script for Absentee Owners

Script for Absentee Owners
1. “Hi, is this (their first name), my name is (your full name) and I’m just getting started with real estate investing. County records show that you own multiple properties in the county and I wanted to see if you are still investing? (If yes) Great, I’m glad to hear that. I’m looking for great deals for buyers here in the area and was wondering what kinds of homes you might be looking for?”
2. Get personal criteria
a. “What technique are you using?” (Buy & sell/buy & hold/lease options, etc.)
b. “How often do you buy?” (Frequency)
c. “How do you close on properties”? (Cash buyer, has financing lined up, etc.)
3. Get property criteria
a. “What kind of neighborhoods do you buy in?” (Low, middle or high)

Here's a short 24 Hour Voice Mail script for motivated sellers - I love it!

I am happy I found this ~ I was looking all over for something that would work great for Google Voice or any other voice mail service. Now, I found out I have voice mail with my 800 ring central fax number.

I've attached it here for review, and I hope this helps you. Smiling

Letter to Cash Buyers

Trademark LLC
1234 House Lane
Charlottesville, Va. 22901

Dear Mr. Real Estate Owner,

My name is (your name) and I am real estate investor. I noticed you purchased the property located at 123 Main St. That area is also an area that I am always scouting for properties. I have a knack for finding really good real estate deals. I use creative marketing techniques to find deals that nobody else can find.

Many times I find more than one of these deals at the same time. I only negotiate on properties that have excellent equity and returns. If I can’t put together the financing to buy a property that has great equity and returns, would you be interested in looking at the numbers?

The Truth About Real Estate Investing Expert Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi is a real estate investing expert and America's leading real estate educator. Through multiple NY Times best selling books and weekly live events across America and Canada, Dean shares his recipe to profit in today's changing market.

In 2013 when this section was updated, Dean was doing on average over 50 different single family real estate deals a month. With this many deals, knowing and partnering with many of his students, Dean is at the forefront of knowing what is working at all times. This has results in an army of successful students across America.

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #138 - Watch this, win Dean's iPad

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog
Wow! Loyal viewers can win Dean's personal iPad!

All you need to do is watch this video, answer the question he asks by just by leaving a comment below and you will be in the drawing to win.

It just doesn't get any easier then that! Good thing you've stay tuned to!

How To Make $100,000 Wholesaling Your First Year In Real Estate!

Hi Everyone,

I saw the thread with someone asking if is was possible to make $100k wholesaling in a year. Not only is it possible to make $100k in 12 months, I have done it in 30 days.

So I thought I would lay out how to make $100k in your first year in real estate. The concept is actually very simple if you have the correct approach and you are willing to do the work.

I have showed brand new students this technique and I have seen newbies make over $100k in their first year.

First and foremost you absolutely must have 5-10 buyers that are ready and willing to buy properties. You really don't need more than 10 buyers because you will sell some buyers more than one properties in a year.

Types of title searches

Article Source

Full coverage search
A full coverage search is usually done when creating a title report for sale/resale transactions and for transaction that involves construction loans. It generally includes searches related to property lien, easements, CC&Rs covenants, conditions and restrictions, agreements, resolutions and ordinances that will affect the real property in question.

1.Search for liens against the owner and the other parties on title.
2.Search for liens against the buyer (for sale transactions only).
3.Search for Bankruptcy proceedings against the owner of the property.
Search for liens against the buyer is not something that is covered in a title search.
[edit] Limited coverage search

Earnest money....How do I get it if I don't have it?!?! HELP!!!

Hey guys,

Sean here again, with another question. I've been working my butt off lately to close my first deal. Without going in to great detail, Ive been fully self-employed getting this REI company off the ground, among another couple businesses, but this is the one I am focused on the most. Seeing as it will be my foundation company giving support to any other business I may start in the future.