Website Rules

These are the basic rules the website designed to make this a positive, friendly, safe and organized place for all of the members. By using this site, you agree to abide by them. It is critical you follow them, breaking them can result in anything from a simple warning to be permanently banned from the website.

1) NO ADVERTISING: This is a zero tolerance rule! Advertising, soliciting members to contact you, inquiring about non-DG related products, recommending non-DG or unapproved products or services is not allowed. Blatant advertising or spamming will result in a instant ban. Inadvertently breaking this rule will get you warned, but probably not more than once.

We do not allow this for a simple reason. We will not let our members be influenced to get involved with any product or service we have not reviewed or approved. Any negative experience coming from a recommendation here will look negatively upon us, and there is plenty of bad products out there. If you are unsure whether you are allowed to mention a product that has not been previously discussed on the site, private message DGadmin ( for clarification.

2) NO POSTING PERSONAL INFORMATION: You may not publicly ask members to contact you via phone, email or any other form of contact through the forums or comments, for any reason. Also, please do not use your email address as your username. When you put your info out there, the next thing you will have is unsolicited phone calls, spam emails, etc.

If you wish to talk privately, including to exchange personal contact info privately with another member (which is OK), please do so through the "Private Message" system (called PM'ing, via the "Send PM" link). That allows you to have a one on one conversation with other members privately.

3) NO HIJACKING TOPICS: All comments you make in reply to a forum post or story must be directly related to the original forum topic or story. When you post a question or comment that is off-topic, it is called "Thread Hijacking". Thread hijacking causes confusion, disorganization and can be somewhat annoying to users when they have to sift through a lot of unrelated replies to find the ones that relate to the topic they originally wanted to read.

Find an appropriate topic to post your question/comment in, or create a new topic for your question/comment. An example of this would be:

In a topic called "What is a short sale?", people are all talking about short sales in it, but you add a reply that says "I have bad credit, how do I buy a house with bad credit?". Since that has nothing or little to do with the original message on "short sales", and is inappropriate. You will be warned for thread hijacking. If you are a prevalent hijacker, even after lots of warnings, we will have to disable your ability to post replies to topics or stories.

4) NO NEGATIVE LANGUAGE, HARASSMENT, INSULTS: Making insults, harassing, name calling, or any other type of negative comments is serious offense on this site. Do not do it. You are required to act in a mature and professional manner on this site. No exceptions. If you feel a post is inappropriate, please report it via the "Flag as Offensive" button. These reports are anonymous.

5) NO TRESPASSING UPON BAN: If for any reason your account is banned (disabled) for breaking the above rules, it means not only that account is banned, but you, yourself have been banned from further accessing and using the site until otherwise notified in writing. You agree any further attempt to access or use the site will be considered trespassing, and enforceable through civil lawsuit and/or criminal complaint for accessing an unauthorized computer network.

6) CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE: If you copy/paste someone's work, be it on this site or from another site, be sure to give credit as not to plagiarize. A simple note like: "This info is from XYZ" is sufficient.

New rules will be added as needed. We will attempt to notify members when new rules have been added, however encourage you to check back here every so often.

Thank you!