What Are The Real Estate Investing Techniques and How Do They Work?

With well over 100,000 students over the years, Dean Graziosi is by far the top real estate investing educator in the country. His education has taught countless individuals techniques and strategies to profit from an ever changing real estate market. And though there are many strategies and unique paths to take based on your situation, location and other outside factors, there are three core investment strategies Dean focuses on himself and teaches to others.

Wholesaling -
This may be the greatest opportunity and strategy that ever was available for people to jump in today's real estate market without using any of their own money. You learn unique techniques to create great deals most others can't find and then hand that off to the many cash buyers out there looking for deals, therefore making a profit in the middle. Typically, when you wholesale a property you never own the property or have anything at risk at any point in the process.

Buy and Hold - You use either your money/credit, or someone else's money/credit to acquire property that provides positive return on investment, typically by generating monthly cashflow from a renter. Dean buys properties continually and rapidly using this exact strategy an he is always fine tuning the exact path to follow to buy cheaper, rehab better for less many, get a great property manager and tenant and maximize your cash on cash return.

Buy and Flip - You use either your money/credit, or someone else's money/credit to acquire properties that you will rehab and flip for a profit. When you know strategies to find deals for less then money then others do, you start with a huge advantage. Add in rehabbing, better faster and cheaper then others can and it is a recipe for profits no matter wherever you live.

There are many strategies that go into these core real estate investing methods - from locating the great deals, to the language used in your offers, to finding buyers, to sourcing money when buying property to hold it. Dean Graziosi's education is taken from the most up to date information gathered from his own investing and other real estate investors who are doing deals day in and day out and making significant profits. What's more is these investors often started out as students just like you and in many cases use none or their own money or credit.

Ok, but do these strategies really work...? YES, of course they do!

Like we said, the very strategies Dean Graziosi teaches are what have allowed so many investors Dean has trained to become successful, full-time investors. Dean Graziosi by far has the most documented successful investors than any other so-called "real estate expert" or "guru" in the country (perhaps the world for that matter). Unlike other "gurus", Dean's training is backed up by real success stories by real people - not fake stories or actors. But don't take our word for it, just take a look at our real estate investing community of nearly 200,000 members, or the deals they are posting on the site, and not mention the hundreds of videos that our students sent in documenting their real estate investing successes that our team personally audited for accuracy. We couldn't say these things if they weren't true and get away with it because our brand is way too large and has been operating for too many years to fly under the radar like the rest of fly-by-night organizations claiming to be real estate investing educators.

So what about naysayers that don't believe in Real Estate Investing, or even Dean himself?

Simply put, real estate investing has made countless fortunes in the world over the ages and continues to do so today. Anyone who thinks contrary to this is just simply misinformed. Those who believe you need a fortune to start with to get into real estate investing is also misinformed, as many investors have got their start or even make their whole careers out of never using any of their own money or credit, whether they have any or not.

The answer to why someone would discount Dean Graziosi as the premier real estate investing educator in the country, you have to understand how hard it is for our competition to compete against quality training that gets proven results on a level playing field. When they can't win the fight fair and square it seems they take to more unscrupulous tactics to gain an edge. There is a lot of noise out there on websites that profit by making up negative stories. The question you have to ask yourself is who is more believable... an anonymous person or entity that can make up any piece of fiction without it being validated or offering any proof, or real people with real names who have real documented stories and the paper trail to prove it? We know the answer to that is an easy one, but it is still something we like point out because it can be easy to feel uncertainties when setting off on a new path and we don't want people to be discouraged because of external influences that are counterproductive to our students.

Ok, this all sounds good... how do I get started?

We're glad you asked! There are a number of paths available depending really on how much time you have available and how fast you want to transition into being a bonafide real estate investor.

There are three things we recommend everyone do first and foremost:
1) Register For a Free Account On This Site. This will allow you to interact with the community of new and seasoned investors alike and get tons of knowledge from our forums and resources.
2) Get All of Dean's Books and His Best Tools and Features. For just a couple bucks more than it would cost to buy just one of Dean's best selling books you get them all... along with tens of thousands of dollars worth of other products, training and tools to take you from real estate newbie to a pro investor, using no money other than the cost of the Insider Elite membership. This membership gives you up to the minute advice, techniques and information. Click the link to watch a presentation on the features.

We look forward to helping you with your real estate investing career!

In close, like anything life worth doing we would never tell you that real estate investing is as easy as getting a book reading it and then being rich.. You have to in many cases step out of your comfort zone and take action with what we have proven to work. But if you are ready for a change and have a desire for more then we here at dean Graziosi's office truly believe nothing on the planet could allow you to achieve a bugger future then real estate.