In Search of New Properties in Central Florida

I want to buy single family homes in Orlando and Tampa Florida. I begun searching for these properties online.
As soon as I find these properties I will wholesale the properties! Wish me luck !

Has This Site Died

Everytime I login to the website, the active forum topics, are the same with no apparent recent posts! Is this site now a dead duck?


Best Wishes to ALL the DG'ers.
Hope you are working HARD at achieving YOUR goals!!

Mike reinvestor42

Hampton Roads Virginia

Real Estate Investing in Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas of Hampton Roads is an exciting adventure! Having started a real estate branch this year, which now has over 25 agents, many lessons have been learned! My goal has been to properly train agents how to actually cater to investors and be able to sniff out a "killer" deal! If you are interested in investing and or being part of an investor friendly brokerage please feel free to reach out!

Partnering in Atlanta

Hello all!

My partner and I would love to partner up with some other investors in the Atlanta market. Specifically looking to flip and wholesale. Hoping to be able to partner with some fellow DG'ers Smiling

need help asap

i found a house that is for sale but not on the market yet. The arv is $234,000. it needs 31000 of rehab ( on the high side) its in a prime area according to the real estate agent that went by just to check it out. The owner wants 130,000 for the house. I found someone that is interested in it but they need to get a loan to do it. I just want to wholesale the house. How do i do that if they need a bank to purchase the home?

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