Why Real Estate? Because it can change your life!

Why Real Estate? Because it can change your life!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! - It is January and once again we are all thinking about changing we would like to make for the new year. Many people want to either start something or quit something. Maybe you want to start eating right, working out or have enough energy each day to take action with real estate. If you want to quit smoking, drinking, eating unhealthy or even stop procrastinating with getting going with real estate now is the time! It is a fresh start for all of us!

Its now a new game. It is game time for you to have a fresh start or a do over! You need to be ready. Ready to do what it takes, ready to be in the right frame of mind. Ready to surround yourself with the right people. Surround yourself with more positive and less negative. You also need to make decisions to start doing the right things and stop doing the things that are taking away from your dreams.

You can do this! You got this! if you get ready and make better decisions to put yourself in the right place to have a chance at winning at what you want. Many people out there are looking for a new job or business. Something they enjoy or really have a passion for. They want a change and they need a change. Is Real Estate the answer? For many of us it is the answer. We know it is the answer. We feel it in our mind and heart. Sometimes, everyday life makes us drift away from what we want and what we need. It is like a bad riptide in the ocean just pulling us away because of everyday life and everyday stress that we face.

The new year is a great time to make two lists. Since we are talking about real estate you should make your list on becoming better at real estate! Think back to when you first had a love for real estate. Was it a time when you were a child and you first played the board game Monopoly or later in life when you were flipping through the television late at night and saw an infomercial by Carleton Sheets or Dean Graziosi? Make real estate fun again!

What are the things you want to start doing to help your real estate business and a list of things you want to stop doing that might be hurting your real estate business. Can Craigslist and ads help you find more deals or more cash buyers? Absolutely! Can watching less television give you more time for real estate? Absolutely! Can you make better decisions of how you use your time? Absolutely!

I want all of you to find real estate again! Take a good hard look at real estate and really understand what it can do for you. Can it help change your life? Are you committed to finding great deals, cash buyers or learn new ways to leverage your time and effort to make money in the new year and beyond? Real estate does not have to have a focus on making a million dollars or driving cars that cost more than a house! Get back to the basics and real estate should be more about making a change in your life. Could 1 real estate deal a month change your life? How about starting 2017 and focusing on doing at least 1 real estate deal a season - Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall!

Let real estate investing back into your life in the new year. Open your heart and open your mind to find ways that you can learn and grow as a real estate investor. Maybe you need to find an experienced investor in your local area that can mentor you? What would a mentor be worth to you, but also remember what will the mentor get in return. It has to be a two way street for both parties.

When you surround yourself with others that want more, have goals, share information you will often learn and grow as a real estate investor. Carpe Diem! Smiling - Stacey


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