Suggestions for ForeclosureAlert program

Suggestions for ForeclosureAlert program

Can I make some suggestions for the Foreclosure Alert program? I really like it, and can see tons of potential there, but there's a few things that I'm constantly running up against, that are propbably just a quick programming modification.

1) Ability to Print Reports - when I find properties I'm interested, I currently have to hand write a list to take with me driving around, plug addresses into mapquest, etc. If you could allow a "holding location" similar to the favorites, and then have map and list print capabilities for that list, along with being able to select which fields print on it, that would be AWESOME and save so much time and frustration!

2) Ability to search on more fields - so many more ways I'd like to search1

3) Ability to move more quickly through the on-screen lists - being forced to move page by page (or 3 pages at a time even) through so much data takes FOREVER and creates a ton of frustration. Being able to plug in the page I want to jump to, or better yet, also having the option to list ALL properties on one page and just keep scrolling down! Also, being able to resize the windows could give a larger viewing area and also help make navigation through the search results MUCH faster and easier!

4) The 10% error - on many listings, it seems like there is a common problem with the Unpaid Balance field being exactly 10% of the Original Loan amount. For example, Original Loan is $211,200, and the Unpaid Balance is showing at $2,110!! Eye catching for sure, accurate - probably not!

5) Also, a separate pop-up help window that shows exactly how you're coming up with your estimated value would be helpful.



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