Canada - Investing in your own back yard

Canada - Investing in your own back yard

Hi everyone, my name is steve and obviously... i'm in Canada. I looked through and there are a few posts on Canada here but seemingly very old and maybe not quite refined to what i want to talk about. Since this is my very first post if I need my hands slapped for something wrong just do it quick, hurts less then. Anyway, one other quick point to admin, i'm part of deans advanced training, boots on the ground all that stuff. I noticed there was quite a few students in my classes and since we are your largest trading partners, i'm wondering if you should have a specific forum topic here on Canada, like what works what doesn't. I have noticed some dissimilarities in varying aspects. Since the purpose of the education and this website is to help fast track people through the various pitfalls of REI I think it would be excellent if people with experience in this market were helping each other out. After all if real estate works in cycles then we cant stay on top forever.

I have been investing here for about 6 years now. I have buy,fix,holds for cashflow. I have done buy,fix,flips. Now I am venturing into wholesaling. I know what works on the previous 2 but I don't on the wholesaling. I understand the mechanics of it and I am underway, joined my first 2 re groups this week, have an agent, starting ghost ads etc.
What are reasonable expectations on assignment fees? Dean teachs 3-5% , average 3/2 southern ontario 350k, 5% very exciting but a reasonable expectation here?
How well are lowballed offers being received in our markets ie is 25:1 actually 25:1.
Obviously we dont have a very strong foreclosure market, Matt teaches us to use the foreclosure market as a tool to find out what you should be charging wholesale but since we dont have that market, I assume what we charge wholesale is a direct reflection of our full retail price minus a few points? ten, twenty percent?

Hope this is a good start for a discussion. I will post some more to it so at the very least the Canadians that are on this site and I know there are can have something to chew on.


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