Awesome tool to search multiple Craigslist sites at once..

Awesome tool to search multiple Craigslist sites at once..

If you've been following the rock bottom blueprint course, then you've probably already started using craiglist to find deals. One of the things that I didn't like, was that there was no easy and quick way to search MULTIPLE different craigslist cities (around my target areas) at once..

You basically had to go, one by one, run the same searches and then go back to the site every few days to do the exact same searches.... This was taking waaaay too much of my time, so I wanted to share a very cool website and personal technique that I'm using to automate this entire process so I can 1.) search any number of craigslist sites at once, and 2.) so any new listings are automatically sent to my Google Reader (i.e. smartphone)...

Here's a short video that I posted on my site for everyone:

Hope this saves everyone alot of time.....




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