Review Your Office Systems

Review Your Office Systems

Running an efficient business is all about continuously improving and 'tweaking' your office management systems so that they grow with your business and not hinder your business.

But why do you need efficient office systems in place? Here are some answers!

To quickly and easily find important contact information.
To be able to respond to client's requests straightaway.
So that you can immediately submit a proposal.
To keep track of your business.
To be able to follow-up with clients and contacts.
So that you can stay on track with your projects.
To monitor your latest marketing campaign.
Sometimes though problems don't become apparent with your office systems until you actually start using them -- and then you may find out that they're not working in the way that you'd hoped.

So what can you do about it?

Step #1 Look at where the problems are.

Are you constantly searching around looking for an email address? Or cannot tell at a glance if your project is on track? Or you don't know your cashflow situation?

Step #2 Analyse what percentage of your time is being spent on administrative tasks.

Keep a diary for a week of how you are spending your time. At the end of the week look it over and see what percentage of your time is being spent on these jobs. Could this time be better spent on income-generating activities? Or market research?

Step #3 Compile a list of all non-income generating tasks that you currently do.

Could some of these be delegated? Would it help if you took on an assistant?

Once you have followed these 3 steps you should have a good idea of where your time is being spent, what your biggest time drains are, and where you can make improvements. You will be well on your way to deciding if you need to partner with a Virtual Assistant and will be able to see exactly where you need the support.By Tracey Lawton


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