BUYER NEEDED for Extreme Home Makeover House that is facing Foreclosure

BUYER NEEDED for Extreme Home Makeover House that is facing Foreclosure

I haven't been on the forums enough yet to know if we are supposed to post deal opportunities, but I am not looking for an assignment fee or finder's fee of any sort.

Our second lead off bandit signs and I feel we got a doozy (good or bad - not sure?)! The lead turned out to be Sadie Holmes, who runs a non-profit org in Altamonte Springs FL, and whose home was part of an EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER TV episode.

She is deperately trying to avoid foreclosure -- it is going to sell this Thursday. She is asking $375k because of a realtor's comps but only owes $210k on a note. There are two buildings on the property -- the main house and the non-profit headquarters. They are hoping to stay in the house but can only afford about $900/mo in rent. They would gladly relocated if needed but were really hoping to save the other building for their non-profit work if possible.

The house is incredible but in the middle of a lower income neighborhood, as are many houses rebuilt on that TV show. It is not a ghetto, as Altamonte Springs is a nice suburb of Orlando, but that particular neighborhood is a lower income pocket area.

Unfortunately we can't do anything to help them out, but thought I would at least put this out there and let God do the rest if this at all fits in with anyone's interest.

Here is a link to the article on the home from the Extreme Home Makeover TV show, as well as a link to an old listing with photos of the inside. Incredible house and an incredible woman!!

1280 Amanda Street, Altamonte Springs FL 32701

Inside Photos from an old listing:

PM me if you are interested in getting some write-off and helping her out. Smiling


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