need help asap

i found a house that is for sale but not on the market yet. The arv is $234,000. it needs 31000 of rehab ( on the high side) its in a prime area according to the real estate agent that went by just to check it out. The owner wants 130,000 for the house. I found someone that is interested in it but they need to get a loan to do it. I just want to wholesale the house. How do i do that if they need a bank to purchase the home? This will be my 1st time i sell but not the 1st time i have purchased all these modules that are not helping me lol Oh i forgot to mention i am seeing impaired so not reading is a bit frustrating and the emailing system on here don't seem to work and the phone number has me on hold for 15 min each time and i don't get responses back from this "wonderful" company. So maybe i can get help from just regular people

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