Day 2: Action Steps

Action 1: Posted several ads on craigslist and backpage to start building buyers/seller lists. Dont' have much excess money to invest right now on 'bandit' signs and other marketing. Word of mouth will do.

Action 2: Sent emails to two friends and first cousin who are real estate agents. Renewing my interest to pursue real estate investing and an offer to 'work together'. Will await reply. I have helped my agent friend who sold me my residence sell another home to a buyer. So I'm already ahead in the game and he knows that I can attract potential buyers.

Action 3: Reviewing MLS listings. Have already found some interested properties and vacant land.

Homework: Review HELOC. I have about 20k equity in my home. Considering this as investment line of credit. But right now only interested in finder fees, birddogging, wholesaling to increase my 'real' money. The first deal will definitely propel me to stay motivated.

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