Dean, I had a thought while looking at your site. You are a great and successful man with an abbundant number of resources and knowledge. Why can't Dean Graziosi also become the lender. When someone has joined the success academy and you are teaching them how to become a smart and creative investor, why not be their investment lender as well. We know how to find the deals, but it is definitely much more difficult to find the money. Don't get me wrong Dean, I have read a lot of your material and have seen The Edge. You have great ideas that most people are'nt aware of. But would'nt it be a Win Win situation for everyone. The students find the deals, your company provides all the necessary financing to obtain the property,fix if needed, and we can use our own resources to resell the property. Perhaps the student can get a 1% finders fee and anywhere between 20-35% of all profits depending on the situation. I believe that if you act not only as a coach but also a lender, you cannot lose. More people will be joining the academy becoming successful, Dean and his cause will dominate any other real estate investor group, and we can all live happily ever after spreading our success, knowledge, and good spirit to others. What do you people think? Can someone give me their thoughts? Thank you and God Bless.

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