Cash Flow in Olivehurst, Ca

If you have a buyer interested in cash flow opportunities in a small Northern California town, please send a PM.

This is a bundle deal of five properties (3 duplexes & 2 SFR) for $405k.

The Key to this portfolio is the property Manager-

He has placed and has relationships with all tenants.

All tenants are interested in staying long term.

Some/most tenants are Section 8

All properties have been inspected. They are all in good to excellent condition. All have been rehabbed/painted/cleaned up with in the last 1-2 years

The portfolio currently generates over $50k per year

If we can get farther along we have rent/lease agreements.

These seem to be the ONLY duplexs in Olivehurst and the portfolio is extremely difficult to comp.

Please let me know - KVMJ