Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #321 - You're doing it all wrong!

This time of year so many people across the country set new goals and new resolutions...

Goals they’re never going to reach because they set the WRONG goals.

This week Dean wants to share with you how to set goals, and how to set the RIGHT goals.

3rd column

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Hi there,
Been too long on the far right column. Really want to make that change to the left 2 columns.
Have one more family challenge to deal with out of the country - having to take another trip to attend a memorial service (my husband's uncle passed away) and finding a senior's apartment for my father-in-law who is showing signs of dementia. Taking him to the doctor for assessment, etc. Will be very busy for a while, but I'm still here.

Glad you are so animated

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enjoyed this video, got the mist of It even though there was no sound on my iPad.

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