The New Tax Laws for 2011

The following is just a cut and paste from my local REI club. There's not much information other than a warning to learn about some major tax changes investors need to be aware of.

The New Tax Laws for 2011:

Defending Your Wallet from the I.R.S.

Greetings investors! If you are a real estate investor (or you want to be one), this month's program is not to be missed! The recent passage of new tax laws coming our way January 1, 2011, will hit investors harder than almost any other industry. Not knowing the new tax rules and how to structure your corporate entities could cost you literally THOUSANDS in additional taxes. It appears that the 'S' corp protection is destined to become history, and if you don't change your business model with the tax law changes, you will be in for a NASTY surprise from the I.R.S. next tax year!

Investors are not like any other type of business, and the part of the tax code that applies to us is very different from the rest. This will probably be the MOST IMPORTANT topic we present to you this year--DON'T MISS OUT!!!

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