Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #198 - Score a FREE iPad from Dean

This week Dean talks with a couple who just completed their first two deals and are totally jazzed with the results. They share how being a part of something bigger than themselves made all the difference.

But it gets even better. Post a comment under this video and tell Dean what it means to you to be part of something bigger than yourself, or how being part of a likeminded group is helpful to reaching your goals. When you do that, you'll automatically have a chance to win Dean's iPad. Want to increase your chances... share or like this on Facebook, Google+ or tweet it on Twitter we'll add an extra drawing for you for each one. At the end of your comment list what sites you shared it on (type "Facebook", "Twitter", "Google" depending on which one(s) you shared on) so we can add your extra entries and verify the winner's "shares". Watch and get in the drawing now. Winner announced next week.

Never Too Late

I love your videos! I get so excited every time I get an email from DG. I learned from one of your workshops that "it is never too late". Time to Take Action! Thanks again for the great encouragement.

How do we learn? What type of learner are you?

Let's start this way. i have been a teacher and a professor for over 25 years,so I'm going to relate you to some of my experience.I'll take back to school. to a classroom with students and a teacher. A good one and you probably had more than one.

A student can learn because the teacher gave a wonderful class motivating, inspiring students to learn. Other students begin to work together, comparing, discussing, sharing what each one grasped form the teacher's presentation and together build a body of knowledge and understanding of which everyone can benefit from. A third type of student gathers all the knowledge he receives from the teacher and peers, work on it and continues advancing his learning beyond the scope of the teacher and his or her peers.

Briefly. I want to point out That there are three different typs of learners: individual learners who need aguide, social, cooperative or peer learners that learn more by the social interaction and the last one is the self learner that with alittle bit of input can advance in kowledge by himself.

Being part of something greater allows us to grow in different ways. The team gives opportunities to all types of learners so that no one is left behind. Every single participant can advance at their own rate, receive the support and stimulus of team players and develop his or her own learning style to become another type of learner: The Perpetual Learner.

This is Dean"s wisdom. Creating such an environment where everyone fits. Where everyone shares. Where everyone can give and receive. Where no one is eliminated in fierce competition. Where everyone is constructing a corpus of expertise and success in a collaborative way.

Thanks Dean. Your the Master Professor.



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Without this site I would have given up a long time ago. Anybody who complains because they can't afford your different programs and things should just get on this site and read. You give away more education, tools and inspiration than any of the others. Right now I'm trying really hard to find someone to partner with. I think I need that, but I feel ready as far as knowing what to do. The rest will be trial and error. Which is not as bad as it would be because I can always jump on the site and ask a question if I get stumped. I remember you saying or one of your students, that if you are scared...then do it scared....but do it!

To be a part of something

To be a part of something bigger than myself and in a group with likeminded people is progressive and means bigger results and we can accomplish alot more working as a team rather than trying to do it all by myself.

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