Started the AFF system but what do i say when i call a seller back?

Started the AFF system but what do i say when i call a seller back?

This is probably going to sound juvenile, but i really am intimidated. I set up the AFF program (super excited!!) but it occurred to me that i don't know what to do if someone calls my cell phone or what to say. When the seller leaves a message on the pre-recorded message, what do i do? I have re-read the millionaire book and the Aff start up but i still don't understand what to do when i get a lead. i hope someone can help. I KNOW I'm on the way to changing my life!!! Thanks in advance.


What to say when they call

1.)Ask them the reason for their call and how you can help.

2) Ask them to tell you about the property

3) If you could offer them cash and a quick closing how much are they willing to take for the property.

Stay in control of the conversation!


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Very Good advice

This is an advice that a newbie like me can use. Thanks for posting it.



working with agents

today I talked to two different agents. they both told me that it was very difficult and a long process to get a good reo. they said that banks dont want to discount houses that much. they also said that it was hard to get a house 20 to 30% off market price.I am not that familiar with the aff system yet.I am goint to have to call the academy and have someone walk me through it.correct me if i'm wrong but do I really need a real estate agent if the aff system will find the preforclosures for me already. Sorry but I'm confused and a new member. thanks \ Bob

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