minneapolis minnesota investor needed

minneapolis minnesota investor needed

hello everyone, i found this great deal around minneapolis minnesota and i was wondering if their was anyone on this forum that is from this area (or out of state) that would like to invest with me. i would go in on this deal myself if i had the credit but i dont have any credit built up yet. i would pay for half the bills and take care of the house. the house is in a very nice area and it was built in 2002. some repairs are needed but once all repairs are done, the total amount should be no more then 70k. i will live in one room while renting out the other rooms for $300 to $400 a room which the total of all the rooms being rented out should pay for the mortgage and everything else (including property tax). i know it will be rented out because it is only a few miles away from a college campus and the rent rate around the area for a 1 room apartment is $550 to $600 easily. if you want to know more about this deal, email me asap at "millionly@****" and i'll tell you more about this deal and my plan if you are interested in investing with me. this deal wont last long so i need to act fast before its gone! thank you for your time



Which Total?

Is the $70k the total the property will cost or the total amount of repairs needed? If it needs $70k in repeairs and was built in 2002, what the heck happened to it?

lol no, the property is

lol no, the property is $52,000 but with repairs and updates, the total cost for everything would be no more then 70k meaning with 18k, everything should be done and all furnished ready to move in. last i talked to the realtor though, she said someone just put an offer on the table so i hope i could act fast on this one.

Finders Fee

Hi, I am very new to the real estate market so I have lots of questions. Myself and my fiance' are trying to get things going. The problem is neither of us have good credit he's on a fixed income and I am currently unemployed but I'm thinking that I should be able to refer some of the properties I have located to an investor for a finders fee and with that money begin making our own purchases, as well as begin rebuilding our credit. I am now being told you have to be licensed to collect finders fees but that is not mentioned in the book. Can someone give me some insight as to whether you have to be lic. to collect finders fees please. Also, if there is anyone out there that lives in MI and is interested in MI properties please let me know if you would like to know about some of the properties I have located some I think will bring substantial profits.

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