Tucson, Sierra Vista, Bisbee and surrounding areas!

Tucson, Sierra Vista, Bisbee and surrounding areas!

I live in Bisbee Arizona and this gives me access to Sierra Vista and Tucson to work on RE Investing opportunities. I can also see Benson, St David and Douglas as possibilities.

Now I need some help with this area since Bisbee is an old mining town where the mines closed back in 1974. Since then it has been reliant on tourism. There is talk that mining will re-commence in the next 3-5 years as the price of copper is rising again and at the moment the mining company is doing the feasibility studies to confirm. The town planners have put together a city charrette looking forward to future growth, that is a good sign.

Sierra Vista is a growing area but confuses me since it is reliant on the military base, FT Huachuca. I have to check other things that make this a booming area.

Douglas is also growing but is a border town and I have yet to work out what its economy is reliant upon. I will check that out later as well as why it is growing.

St David and Benson are in good locations with the San Pedro river close to the surface there, making water more accessible and they are both nice green areas. I have yet to look at their current growth.

I have not even looked at Tucson to date.

I would appreciate any ideas and information on these areas.



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