Short Sale-Milwaukee WI-Property

Short Sale-Milwaukee WI-Property

3 Bedroom

4243 S. 3rd St (Howard)
Milwaukee, WI 53207

Selling $107,000
only needs $5,000 worth of work put into it
(which are: carpet, paint and some landscaping)

It haves newer: concrete drive-way, all windows, roof, siding, central air (1 yr old) and electral is updated.

progo wood floor in kitchen

Is anyone interested?



what is the sq.ft.

of the property? how is it only $5,000 for carpet & paint & landscaping?, if thats TRUE, i would like some info. whats the ASSESSED VALUE? SULLY.



Could do. If it's around the

Could do. If it's around the size I usually buy (1200-1500 sq ft) it should be ~2K for paint and same for carpet. Leaves you 1K for landscaping.

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