Be a Mentor / Find a Mentor

Be a Mentor / Find a Mentor

Dean offers a mentoring program from top notch mentors who can help walk you through your deals. To take advantage of this call 1-800-315-7782.

If you are looking to find a local mentor, you can try posting ads on Craigslist. If you get replies on Craiglist from people who want you to buy something, loan them money, etc, you should ignore those, they are not real estate experts looking for an apprentice or intern.

You can also use the "Local Networking" forum to help find a mentor or investing partner. Instead of asking for a mentor, have your post say you are looking for a investing partner or something to that effect for the best response. If you get anyone who solicits you for a program, product, or service of any type, please report them to me ASAP.

No matter where you post, be it here, craigslist, or anywhere else, never post your phone number, email address or other personal information. It will open you up to receive spam and unsolicited phone calls. Here, people can contact you with the "Send PM" (Private Message) feature which protects your contact information. On Craigslist they use a "dummy email address" which forwards the replies to your real email address so it is not exposed.