Ever dealt with Ameraco?

Ever dealt with Ameraco?

Hi everyone,

I came across Ameraco while I was looking at foreclosure sites. It is a nationwide REI group that has evidently advertised on TV and in major newspapers and magazines. They are looking for property locators. But I've never heard of them.

Has anyone here ever dealt with them? And if so, was the outcome good for you?




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Hi Cindy.
I tried going through Ameraco but I could never get any help. Seems to me they just want you to send deals their way but fall short on communication with you. I'm not saying they're not reputable, just that I had a hard time communicating with them.


hi everyone, im looking forward to the new year in a big way!!! about ameraco, i called them and spoke with someone it seems that they say they have over 10,000 buyers all over the country and they have a program to teach how to find good deals lock them up and pass them onto their buyers with an 80% acceptance rate. oh ya, i forgot they also wat a $495 lifetime membership fee for their course and resources. i found them while trying to build my buyers list. it all sounds pretty good except for the fee ( which i dont have anyway ) thats what i know about them. they may be on the up and up but i dont have the $ to spend on them right now. i am also wondering if anyone else in our dg family (which i love very much) has dealt with them in any way. yall have a great new year. sincerely chris, cb properties

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