When using 25:1 strategy do you.....

When using 25:1 strategy do you.....

I have been wholesaling for a few months now, using bandits, ads on backpage and Craigslist, and realtors leads. I have done one deal successfully, and Im hooked. Now i want to find as many deals as possible, so im starting 25:1 strategy. My question is, Do you make your offers purely based on numbers sight unseen? And just hope you get 10-20% accepted? Then sign contract and have inspection contingency ? Any info will help




I would use the 25:1

I would use the 25:1 strategy based on qualified properties. IE:The descriptions say: must sell, need work, handyman special, vacant, price reduced, etc.....

The more of these kid of indicators= more motivation=better change offers of 25:1 get accepted.

Also, keep in mind that these offers are are also based on what our Cash Investors want. If the Cash Investors want a 3/2 1500 sq ft.....We look for that.

I would stay away from just offering on every property on the MLS. Not only will your 25:1 not work but you will also burn out your realtor due to offering on properties that are completed and all fixed up (just an example)!!!

You need to know your #'s and $'s prior to offering.

Offer on the qualified properties.

Good Luck!

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