Wholesaling from Australia

Wholesaling from Australia

Hi everyone,

I'm very thankful for the opportunity to post a topic relevant to my situation here.

I got drawn toward US real estate in March 2015 when a company called 'Income Education' came to Canberra, Australia informing people of the massive potentials of being an investor of US real estate.

Since that initial presentation, I have been on two 3 day training courses and to a Buying Summit in Las Vegas.
Even with all the information I have been provided to date by Income Education, I have been finding it very hard to get started in wholesaling (Assignment of contracts) and have not been able to do a deal as yet. It has been a very disappointing road so far but I don't want to give up.

I am constantly looking for ways to get past the wall I have hit. Luckily I recently discovered Deans website. I am going to give the Insider Elite a try and really hope I can get some success in stepping towards getting a wholesale deal done in the next month or so.

Are there any other Australians here that can provide some advice or help regarding their experiences in successfully wholesaling (assignment of contracts) some deals?

I have seen a lot of success stories and really hope I can be one of them. At the moment, it seems like it would be a miracle. I really hope somebody.... anybody can help me get started. I will work hard if I have some steps to follow and know what I need to do.

Living in hope.

Richie B