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Richie and Kristin
Canberra, Australia
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We (Kristin and Richie) are two Aussies who fell into real estate investing through the discovery of Income Education in March 2015. Since then we have had some basic training on wholesaling, fix and flips, and buy and hold strategies and have attended a Buying Summit in Las Vegas in June 2015.

We are very keen to learn more and get our first (and lots more after) deals done. We just needed to find the right community to network with and who could provide us some positive support and guidance in how to successfully accomplish a wholesale deal.

music (guitar & bass players); health and well-being; travel; animals

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Hi Guys
Welcome to the site and the family. I would love to talk about the ohio investing which is my market area. We have been there for the past year and have five deals going now via lease options. I have been doing this great stuff with dean for some time now so if you would like to talk or see what is possible . connect.. Keith

Found your message

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Hi Keith,

I have just found your reply in the Guestbook, not in my inbox.

Anyway, Thank you for getting in touch with me. I am happy to connect with you and find out more about what is possible.

I have connected with a great contracting team in Cleveland in the last 6 months and am looking at getting a deal done very soon.

I look forward to having a chat and finding out more soon.

Kind regards

Ohio Deals

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Hi Guys
Hows the weather down under...Always want to ask that..lol
Anyways, I know there is a big time difference between you and us. PM me because I don't want to post my cell on an open page. I will be also talking with dean about coming to your country to do him training in 2017. I will need to research the rules there when it comes to investing and funds that come into and out of your country. Keith