Transactional Funding Update

Transactional Funding Update

Hello To All:
I was just informed today that we can now do transactional funding on HUD properties. You must have both the A-B and B-C contracts setup as well as have the closing agent provide a escrow receipt to show funds from the end buyer or the B-C portion of the deal.

I know several people have been sending me PM's and I have not been able to get back to them. I had a death in the family, major dental surgery and medical tests all in the past two weeks.

I will get back to everyone. For those who contacted me and have not heard back, drop me a note with your contact info once more.


Sorry about your loss.

We hope you recover fast from your surgery. I like reading your post. Get well soon.

Steve and Veronica

Lets Network

Hi Jimmy,

Even on REO's you can back us if we have end buyer proof of funds?

extended transactional funding

I know this is an old post but I am in need of your extended transactional funding resource, can they do $2 million and are they in all 50 states?

Thank you

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