People Are ALWAYS Watching/Listening!

People Are ALWAYS Watching/Listening!

Just thought I'd share a brief story and serve as a little reminder that people are always watching (listening).

Had a man referred to me (through a friend) that is looking to purchase a property. I referred him to my kick-tail mortgage broker (if anyone can find a fit, she will! She is rapidly become one of my MOST valueable team members). Anyway, she got him approved for several programs and gave her recommendation for best fit. Long story short, the guy works for a local gas company so he's out in the field all day. My mortgage broker was needing his back up docs. (bank statements, paystubs, tax returns, etc.) so broker shot me a quick message to ask if I could get with him and get the docs to her. No problem, called the guy and set a time for that evening to meet him at a friends shop that is a local builder. So I had agent run me props based on his criteria and list of my leads I had for him to skim through and narrow down the large list to 15-20 for this guy to look at. I'm just chatting with this guy about how I'd suggest offering, even though it's going to be a personal residence, to still look to acquire at a wholesale price (whether he chose one of my properties or off mls). He was asking questions and I gave him a couple examples of my last few deals. Then layed out how/what I am doing personally for the purchase of a personal residence. He was like "holy crap!". By this time, I've drawn the attention of 2 other guys (I know) that came over to be engaged in the conversation. Had a few questions from these guys and I was just shooting straight and told them if I can't get it at XXX and have 3 exits, it's to skinny, move on. Bottom line the numbers have to work or it's not a deal.

This is the part I wrote the thread about.....yesterday afternoon get a call from one of the guys that says "hey me and XXXX was talking and if each of us had $XXXXX amount of dollars to give you, how much could you make us?" He said "I have $XXXXX right now and B has $XXXXX right now but in three weeks when we finish this house we'll each have about $30k more." LOL!! FIRED UP RIGHT!

I'm meeting with them Saturday afternoon, to discuss/clarify and lay out how/ways I utilize private money and what they should look to expect as far as terms, conditions and expected returns.


I didn't go there looking for PML, I went there off the request of a friend to help this guys buy a home for him and his little girls, and told him that if he's pulling conventional, and looking at foreclosures (where he will be able to get the largest discounted properties) that I MAY not be able to be IN the deal. Because of seasoning requirements on the deed, if agent involved listings on the HUD, etc. Which was fine, I'd put him with the best possible people needed that are on my team and will walk him through it all the way to closing. (and I'll just pull a lead fee off agent)

Be proud of what you are doing, talk it up everywhere you go. Always, be honest and just show people how YOU can be a value add in their life!

Make it happen!


Jen making it happen

Thats what its all about...networking and talking to people. People in general dont know the 'REI stuff' we know, and once they get a taste of just a little bit of it, they WANT some!!!!

And the best part is were HELPING someone



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"dump the clutch and nail the throttle"
"Just do it, Get it Done!"

--Matt Larson

Very nice; keep up the good

Very nice; keep up the good work.

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Good Job


come say hello....

all the best walt


Well done.


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