AmericanPropertyREI Progress Journal

AmericanPropertyREI Progress Journal

Dean was a new name to me in November of 2012. I went to the free seminar with an agent friend. She has been an agent for so many years, not sure she understands there is more than one way to make money in real estate.

The information was like a refresher course of things I have learned in the past, but new because I have dedicated myself to creating this business as a legacy for my kids.

It's not just about making my own personal wealth, but creating a transformation in my life that is visible, tangible, and memorable so that every person that knows me - will know that change at any level is possible.

I am determined to leave a legacy of new opportunities for those who want the same for themselves. Not everyone comes from money and privilege, and those who don't seem to appreciate it a whole lot more with sweat behind the effort.

I appreciate Dean's style, his willingness to share the business, to encourage those who want to improve their lifestyle, or just make money. The DG family seems to be a great place to learn, and grow. I'm happy to be here. Day 1.



American Property Real Estate Investments, LLC

Hi from Warner Robins

saw your post when I was going through a search of Georgia on web post #217 where in Jan Dean was asking for demographic information about cities around the country. Pretty fascinating information. Anyway, I have just joined Dean about a month ago and I am going full steam ahead on this program so I am reaching out to you to say hi, and that I am in the Warner Robins area. I did my BOG last weekend and was able to maybe get my first deal coming out of that. Keep my fingers crossed. Would appreciate if I could lean on you and your experience on this program if you wouldn't mind and to tap into you as I am starting to get a little inventory of properties that are being sent to me.

Thanks and it is nice to talk to someone that is going through this as well.


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