HerrBGone's REI Journal

HerrBGone's REI Journal

So I've read a ton of books. (Dean's 30 Days is the best RE blueprint by far!) I've built a gazillion analysis spreadsheets. Based my latest on Matt's Valuator. I've registered an LLC, which helped immensely this tax season! But I'm still trying to make it happen.

Buy Hold & Rent for cash flow is the model I can wrap my brain around the most comfortably. But reading 30 Days I think wholesaling makes sense where I am right now. The trouble is that my day job makes it nearly impossible to do any telephone work - like calling agents as in Days 1~5 Phase II. So I'm still without a realtor on my team and I feel like I'm floundering. The steps need to be done in order and I'm hung up on this one.

Does anybody have a magic wand that can get me past this roadblock?



I would recommend that you find the time to call agents. Maybe a break or lunch hour. If you really can't do that, then just write an email and correspond by email to start. So number one to knock this off your list is to find the time, and number two is to actually call when you can. Believe it or not that is the magic wand to "Just do it," by finding the will to do it!


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I hab a cōd

Actually, I hab had a cōd since I noticed a ‘tickle in my throat’ last Friday. Saturday we did some shopping and I got through that after a fashion. Sunday we hung around the house while I coughed and sniffled and felt generally miserable. Monday I had to go to work. In my day job I am a product designer and CAD jockey. We had promised our vendor that I would have a CAD model of our latest item in his hands by lunch time on Monday and if I don’t create the model it doesn’t get done. I bailed out and came home as soon as the work was done and the vendor had confirmed that the model I sent met his needs. Tuesday I gave in to my cōd stayed home from work and didn’t do much of anything. I stayed home today to. Still not firing on all cylinders. But at least I am feeling a bit better. My throat isn’t as sore as it’s been the past few days. I am hoping to use this gift of time to make a few Realtor calls this afternoon. I had planned to yesterday but my sore throat wouldn’t let me. Let’s see if I can turn this misery into a blessing in disguise…

Then again...

Matt's script for doing agent calls at the link in 30 Days is in Word 2007 format. I am still running 2003.

This is starting to remind me of the old joke about trying to get directions from an old Maine'ah. After being told to 'ton left afta the Jones faam' (now a Walmart, but that never gets mentioned) 'an' go 'bout half a mile up the road past Bob's fa'm stand then make a right on muddy creek road - on second thought the bridge is out so don't go that way...' The old Maine'ah scratches his chin and finally says 'Ya can't git they'ah f'om he'ah...'


Like Dean say's,do it with a headache.Keep digging, you will find time/a way.

I still have the residual

I still have the residual cough, but I'm mostly over my cold. Since I was back at work yesterday I downloaded Matt's 'find an agent' script and did a save as Word 97-2003 format onto a thumb drive. This way I can actually use it - maybe. Of course, it doesn't really match what Matt said in 30 Days. I'll probably have to aggregate the two to create an actual script that I can use on the phone. 'Hey,' it should work...

One step forward, ...

... two steps back, a little sideways - watch out for that slippery slope!

Mum caught my cold. Then it became bronchitis and then she got dehydrated. Then she spent a week in the hospital. She's finally on the road to recovery. Hopefully things will be getting back to something like normal around here fairly soon.

Still looking at FSBO listing on Craigs when I have a few minutes. But not much more than that at the moment. If life would just get out of the way!

So I have a question

Exactly what does Matt make his bandit signs out of? I understand the hand written with a jumbo marker, black on yellow and not mentioned that often readable from a moving car. But what material? I seem to recall some mention of getting the sign material at WalMart very inexpensively. But I haven't been able to find any plastic the right size. Poster board would work - until the first time it rains. Then what? Does anyone have an SKU I can look up?

Bandit Signs

So I found a video over on IE about using corrugated plastic. Where is a reliable/reasonably priced place to get it?

About those signs

Is there a local source?

Answering my own question ...

... and finding a whole nuther section of the site.


Don't know why I'm having so much trouble figuring this site out.

One more piece of the puzzle comes together!

Just popped by my bank's website to check on a couple of things and got some fun news I thought I'd share. My credit score has never been the greatest - though it hasn't really been that embarrassing either. Well a few months down the road from implementing some of Phil Tyrone's strategies I've finally broken the 720 barrier!

No longer a wanabe

I finally got my feet wet and purchased a buy hold and rent! It's a four family that I will be living in (once the new windows are installed). Fairly conventional deal using an FHA 203(k) loan for the purchase. So I'm officially a landlord.

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