4 Wholesale Deals. Total 32,000

4 Wholesale Deals. Total 32,000

Good Morning DG Family

In the last 2 months I completed 4 deals that netted me 32k

July- Co-wholesale deal with Nate Armstrong. This was an estate sale duplex that 3 of my Investors wanted.3/1 each unit.It was a up/down about 3000sqft,needed only TLC. It was in a college area.It was worth easily 250k and I sold it to my buyer for 115k.5k fee for me!

August- This was a bank owned that I double closed with Nate Armstrong as well. It was a 2/1 with a full basement to add a 3rd.It was about 1500 sqft. My price was 89k and I sold it to Nate for 2500 fee. The ARV was 160k and it only needed about 10-15k. My price was lower than all the other bank owned properties in the area.
Another deal I lust closed Friday was in Alabama and I'm in Minnesota. It was a 24 unit that was bank owned. All were 2/1 It was listed at 140k. It needed a full rehab so I put in a offer of 75k. With a little back and fourth they accepted. I put an add on CL in that area and found a wholesaler that had a very serious buyer. I sold it to him for 85k and I made sure that his buyer paid him and not me. We closed and the attorney wired me 9,980 last Friday.That much because I had to pay the 20 dollar wire fee. LOL!

September- This is from the same buyer that bought the 24 unit in Alabama.He has a large nest egg in an E-Trade account and wants to put it to use. This is a 38 unit in Macon,GA. It was listed and said that it needs rehab.9 of the units are rented but it needs repairs in all the units.Property management isn't doing her job right.It is listed at 320k and I made an offer at 150k. Agent said he make be able to get his buyer to do 175k because he has to bring money to the table,I said I accept.I told my buyer 190k. He drove 1 hour to look at it and said I'll take it. We close on that one Wednsday and the attorney will wire me another 15k.WOW!

I purchased the EDGE 2013 and learned alot from ALI. He taught me that you can make offers on other real estate sites as well and that's what I did. I haven't joined the success academy yet but I'm going to because I feel I can accomplish more with them,especially from when the times I'm stuck. Also I want to have someone in my corner,like a partner to help me out when needed. When I first found Dean I was to stubborn to say I needed a coach,now I realize I do because I want to go faster with my business and do alot more deals.




way to go i love reading these stories congratualtions man. i will have my first deal in 45 days. i'm determined. so you have a power team in what city ??
best of luck and thanks for the story we love reading them.



Great job on your wholesale deals, you are moving right along. Love to hear
stories from people getting it done in my area. Have wholesaled a couple to Nate myself, he is a great buyer. Do you go to the local REIA? We meet on the first Tuesday of every month, that is Today! Hope to see you there.
Congrats on the deals.


Cathy B

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Great work!

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