New So Cal Investor - Where are my OC people?!

New So Cal Investor - Where are my OC people?!

Hi! I just signed up for the No Money Flip training (my first introduction to the DG world via Tony Robbins). So far I am absolutely blown away by Dean and the DG Family! So much amazing information and so many inspiring success stories. I am wondering if there are groups that meet up and talk/learn/invest together. I saw the Investing Groups section, but it didn't appear there was anything current in the Southern California (Orange County) area. I would love to meet up with like-minded people from this group and keep this momentum going! If you are in the area and there is currently a group or you would like to start one with me please let me know!

I am also working on getting my RE license not only to benefit my future investments, but to also help other investors. However, I'm not sure if that is a smart idea after watching the last two trainings. I would love to hear everyone's perspective on that.



Hi Natosha

I am in Orange County !! ^^

There used to be a REI group meeting on a regular basis in Fountain Valley that I got introduce to through Tammy Reoch (Zion Properties) from this website, and I don't think there's any regular meeting nowadays from DGers in the area. If there's is one, then I really want to join as well.

I was in the No Money Flip class, too just like you.
Did you do your HW?
What were your three favorite techniques/methods of finding hidden deals from the first session?

Welcome aboard, Natosha.


I'm from West Los Angeles but currently living in Chicago. I joined the No Money Flip class through Tony as well and this is my first DG experience.

I'm interested in investing in OC and have some contacts and potential buyers there. I'd love to join if there's a virtual group here we can all connect with and maybe share resources and work together.

I watched the first video (on Wednesday) but have not watched the second video yet. I will watch it tomorrow.

Anyways, nice to meet you and I look forward to meeting more SoCal investors here.

Hey! Nice to meet you! I

Hey! Nice to meet you! I noticed that there were a few trainings through Zion. I wonder what happened? I would love to start something back up. I will PM you to see what we can come up with. Smiling

I just finished watching the first video and am about 1/3 of the way through my second video. I'm loving the bandit signs, pocket listings and wholesaling concepts. I am thinking that I really want to start out with wholesaling since I am getting my RE license and then I would like to move into rentals (not brave enough for flips, just yet!).

What about you? What were your three favorite take-aways?

Hey! Thanks so much for

Hey! Thanks so much for reaching out! What a great idea to get back into investing where you are from! I'm from Arizona and I definitely want to start investing in my home state at some point during this process.

I am really looking into wholesaling as soon as I get my RE license in a few weeks so I think partnering up would be awesome!

I am going to see what I can put together as far as a meet-up group and will make a call in number to allow anyone outside of Cali to join in.

Look forward to "meeting" you!


I'm out in the san gabriel valley, Im always looking to network and connect with people. I have invested in OC and I also have some buyers looking for deals in the oc.

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