CNGO - REI Journal - TX

CNGO - REI Journal - TX

I'm Nicho, I'm 26 and I'm starting this journal so that in the future I can look back and see when I made my decision to drop the fear and fight for my dreams!

It's funny, I can remember seeing Dean's Infomercials from years and years back, always wanting to order, but I never did. Over the years since I was 19 years old I've ordered pretty much every other real estate course out, looking for answers and direction, but all of them were just copies of each other with tons of pages but no real substance or direction. Then, a few months ago I ordered deans 2nd book, getting his first one free with it. I loved them. Then I ordered his last one, YTYREP, and It's like a light bulb has gone off in my head and a fire in my soul has been lit to make it happen.

Dean's books and techniques and amazing website have made all this very real and obtainable! Reading and seeing stories from all of you on here and in Dean's books are so motivating and inspiring to me. For the first time I feel like there is a clear cut path to reaching my goals with real estate and I know that I have a support network of people on here who really care about each other and helping newbies like me break into the game.

I took my first step toward my brighter future yesterday by signing up for Dean's Success Academy, and I look forward to getting to know the advisers really well since I plan on utilizing their wisdom as much as possible.

I know I have so much more to give this world that I currently am, and my dream is to be financially secure so that I can do the thing I love most, and that is helping people. You have to be blessed to be a blessing to others, and I truly believe that Dean and his books are the first of many blessings to come.

I'll be posting my progress in the Academy and things of importance I come across while on my journey to my first deal. I would love to hear any comments and/or advice from you guys and I hope to get to know more of you on this site better, and really become an active member of the DG family!

-Nicho (Millionaire In Training)


Day 1 - Joining the Acadmey

I signed up for the Academy yesterday, paid my tuition, and I'm set up for orientation tomorrow at 6:10, so I'm looking forward to that phone call so I can get started.

On my own about a week ago I posted on Craigslist hoping to build a buyers list with an ad for a fictitious "Great Deal." I even used Google voice to set up a spiffy local number with a recorded message telling callers to leave me their information and I would give them a call back to discuss their options and my services, but alas, NO CALLS! Not one, not even an email response to my ad. It really did surprise me that I didn't even get ONE reply. The Austin CL is one of the busiest and heavily used daily, so I really can't understand it.

Other than that, my job keeps me traveling out of state every week, so it's been tough to try and do things from airport waiting rooms and later in hotel rooms in the few hours I steal from my sleeping time at night, like I'm doing now. Smiling I haven't worked out just how this whole long distance real estate investing thing is going to work out while I'm traveling during the week, but I know it's worth the lost sleep now and the hard work it's going to take to get started. After my firs deal is complete I now I'm going to be addicted to investing and I'm going to want to quit my job and devote myself 100% to reaching my goals so I can then move onto helping others better their lives.

Here's to the future!! And may God bless it!
-Nicho (Millionaire In Training!)

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