Starting my Journal.

Starting my Journal.

Well today I step out of the box.I am nervous as this is a learning process for me as I have limited knowledge and even less hands on experience.But this is where I am today and so this is where I start.I have called a Real Estate agent yesterday and waited for his e-mail which has not come so I moved on to next agent and I had recieved his e-mail and he has sent me a form for me to sign,date and fax back. Which he calls Information About Brokerage Services.Also he needs proof of fund and/or a pre-approval letter on file.If I am paying cash using OPM (other peoples money) why do I need to do this.Is this a standard in this business as I just want to wholesale deals till I can buy and hold on my own as I am needing cash now.



Sometimes People do ask for POF but it is easy to get go to

Thank-you conquesttsi89,I

Thank-you conquesttsi89,I also saved it for future use.

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