I am a newly registered member started following Dean's blue print of "30 days Real Estate Cash". I have started calling real estate agents and am pretty excited about the start of this journey. I reside in Toronto. One of the responses I am getting from them is that the real estate market in Toronto is very hot. There is a bidding war and market is hot in all areas of Toronto. What should me by strategy for Wholesale in this market? Will appreciate your feedback.




Get out and look for "For Sell By Owner" and look for vacant homes, tax sales and so forth, Jim




Perhaps you should begin your marketing campaign.
Post Bandit Signs at major intersections of your interest. Mass mailings. Drive around and look for "For Sale By Owner" as mentioned above. Start seeking out an agent.
Is there a Craigslist in Toronto? Post "We Buy Houses" ads there.
Once you begin, it will continue on and you'll do well.


Like a lot of people out there , Im a newbie trying to learn and proses as much as information as possible . I been creating a substantial buyers list for the pass few month , I'm just finding very difficult to come up with my first Deal . What I thing I need to do is try to complete my first wholesale deal , can anyone inform me on how to do this deal and what will be the possible outcome ??

Thank you

How to evaluate calculate

I just located a vacant property, the owner is out of state, how do find out the repair
in the inside before making an offer.

Thank you Komba.

Tax Sales

Look at tax sales in your area to start finding motivated sellers.

Looking For Investors And or Equity Partners

Hello Everyone.

I'm in Montgomery, AL. I have been a member of DG for a few, and I had to go through a divorce which took a lot out of me mentally and financially.
I am back like a Lion, but I am starting from scratch.
I am looking for some Investors that I am able to work with and are interested in this area/market.
I am looking to Birddog for a while so I can get my feet back under me then maybe we can move into fix and hold/rent.
I look forward to hearing from you all, and please if you have any advise/knowledge, regarding anything, please feel free to provide them. I definitely can use any words of wisdom from fellow DG Family members.





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