What's the difference between a realtor and a wholesaler in real estate ?

What's the difference between a realtor and a wholesaler in real estate ?

Can any one explain what's the difference between a realtor and a wholesaler in real estate ? thank you.



Obviously, from the questions you are asking, you have not read Dean's books. You really need to read them and then we will be more than happy to help you out.



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from what i see his books don't directly answers my questions to why im asking. lol i mean isn't thats what forums are for to why a lot of people on here post questions like you may have ? i asked a simple question. if i knew the answer i wouldn't have asked questions. if you know the answer can you please kindly inform me about it. thank you.


I would have to agree with Karen, as your questions are so fundamental that it shows you haven't bothered to really read the books or posts. A realtor has a liscense and a wholesaler can be a real estate agent as some on this site or just an investor like many on this site.


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In General

Generally speaking Realtors SELL and LIST Retail Homes and split Commissions with their Broker within a specific State. They MUST inform owners/ sellers of their License status.

Wholesellers are No holds Barred Investors who buy Low and Sell Low or Sell Retail... Most properties need to be purchased with Cash as they a in need or Repair/ have Violations.

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In responds to your answer which wasn't really cause for as far as you stating that i never bother to get his book. for #1 how you know i haven't got his book in which you never bother to ask me if i did or not and for #2 the book doesn't specifically break down the difference between a wholesaler and a realtor for your information. you are a superstar on here right ? well don't you think common sense maybe you should have asked me first if i got the book and read it ? again common sense you should have said to your self maybe this person already got the book but yet it didn't specifically answer his question to why he's at this sight seeking for answers ? i mean doesn't that make sense ?

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Hey thanks brooklyn-frank you mostly answer my question that i ask on here. i guess kareng and femailceo who suppose to be super stars on here couldn't just answer simple questions that they claim was simple. i mean isn't that what forums are for to help people? no problem or beef with them im just shocked and kind of disappointed that their responds shouldn't been addressed the way it was, specially as super stars WOW.

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