How do I "SCREEN" an assignee investor???

How do I "SCREEN" an assignee investor???

Ok, here's the scenario:

I find a really great deal on a house and lock it up under contract. I've already worked to build up my buyer's list, so I send out an e-mail of the house. Someone responds who seems very interested...

Now, how do I ensure that they aren't just interested, but RELIABLE? How do I know that they have a legitimate source of funds? Is there a way to "SCREEN" them or require that they provide something to me? Credit report? List of past investment properties? The name of their hard money lender?

In other words, I don't want to be counting on them for the deal to go through only to find out 2 days before closing that they can't get the funding...



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Qualify your investor buyer with their POF. If they are serious investors they will present POF. It's part of qualifying your buyers so your time is not wasted. The property should be ready to wholesale a the time of buyer presentation.


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