The power of choice

The power of choice

Everything in your life begins and ends with choice..
All your success, all your dreams, all your hopes of what your life could be all your disappointments of what your life has been, where you live, how much money you make, your friends, your lifestyle, your habits...all are deeply rooted in the Power of Choice. Even your beliefs, your perspective, and your principles are products of the choices you make.
Forget about where you were born, who you are related to, or what your family history is. Set a side anything anyone has told you about your future being predetermined by your looks or you innate talent. Ignore the voices that have told you all life is determined by fate or chance. Instead, suppose for just a moment that it doesn't matter what you've received from your genetics, your parents, nature, the government, or society. Imagine that the only issue on the table, the only thing that matters in relation to where you go in life, is what you choose to do with what you've been given It is only after you have considered this possibility that you are beginning to become aware of just how potent the Power of Choice is in your life by Charles Marshall


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we also should remember that every choice we make has a consequence! Eye-wink



“And will you succeed? Yes indeed, yes indeed! Ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed!” ― Dr. Seuss

"I believe in angels, the kind that heaven sends; I am surrounded by angels, but I call them friends" - Unknown

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Fate & Destiny

The only troubling thing is that most of what we want, desire and hope for are dependent on factors beyond our control. Things that happen behind the scenes without us even knowing. In other words, a lot of 'magic' that needs to happen in our favor that we could never have imagined was in the works.

One person talking to another and somehow that person knows someone that is later referred to you and you somehow benefit from it all. In this instance, there is no way someone could have created the sequences necessary to have a positive effect. There are only a few things in life we actual control. We can decide what to wear in the morning, which way to comb our hair and what to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner (even that can be derailed by a co-worker who suggests something else) but beyond that we're at the mercy of fate throughout the whole day.

Most people who have achieved greatness can never explain how to repeat the required sequences. Most are baffled and don't know how they achieved such success. If I could, I'd like to ask Oprah, for example, what I need to do to achieve her success? I'm sure she would not be able to answer the question because there are no steps or guidelines or courses to follow. It was simply all the behind the scene 'magic' that propelled her to fame. Otherwise, there would be countless Oprahs if it was as simple as following in her footsteps.

I know we are ultimately responsible for putting the wheels in motion, but the final outcome is almost always determined by factors beyond our control. After all, you can get lucky once in a while, but to have continuous success there needs to be a greater force guiding the journey.


P.S. - Everything else is immaterial, irrelevant, and unnecessary.

Case in Point

Everything good that happened to him came from external factors. Success came as a consequence of events beyond his control.


P.S. - Everything else is immaterial, irrelevant, and unnecessary.

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