calculating national factors as of May, 2016

calculating national factors as of May, 2016

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I've gone through chapter 3 of dean's profit from real estate now. I have come up with the following factors.
1). Interest rates-have been at steadily declining since 2013. i'm calculating that we are in a rising or peak market for IR.
2). Inflation data-have been steadily declining(I saw a large decline in 2015), but have calculated n/a.
3). flow of investment funds-the stock market has been steadily increasing over the last few years. I have rated this as n/a.
4). Business cycle-i'm seeing in the news recently that GDP growth in the first Qtr of 2016 is .5%. i'm calculating a downward trend.
5). Cataclysmic events-N/A.

Just wanted to see if anyone else has recently gone through this recent exercise and what they came up with.



What do you base rising

What do you base rising interest rates on?

HI, I read in his book, page

HI, I read in his book, page 32: "If interest rates just started going up after a 5 year low, that could be an of a peak market." My research is that they have been the lowest in 3 years. They haven't started to rise yet, but if they do, we could be at a peak situation. haven't calculated my local factors yet. Thanks for your comment

Take a look at Japan's

Take a look at Japan's interest rate for the last 20 years.

Not the "Great Recession"

We are not in a typical

We are not in a typical scenario of historic recessions. As Koo states, it was the popping of a giant credit bubble. Thus, fed policy has not been normal.

very interesting videos from Koo...

thanks for sharing!



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Thanks! Great information

Thanks! Great information as I continue my reading.

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