Another Resource for SFL

Another Resource for SFL

If you are looking for more resources about the SFL System, you can find some additional information here at another post:


Thanks Megan

For working on this resource.

Steve and Veronica

Are any other SFL students

using the free web site that we get from with thier SFL system. I would like to know if it works fro you are not.

Or is every one using the core web sites from the SFL system.

Thanks for any input.


core SFL site

Hi Steve and Veronica - I'm trying to use the core site in SFL but am finding the wizard somewhat troubling. Support has been poor to date. I'm still plugging away but time's a wastin...

Dave Visco

Thanks Dave

Thanks for your responce. My wife and I work different hours so we are never in our home office at the same time to work on this stuff. Veronica is a lot better at setting things up on a computer than I am. So I have been waiting on some other students to say what they are doing to set up web sites. Let me know Dave if you get your issues worked out.


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