all you have to do is ask a question and I will try my best to get you an answer right away.


getting into this

I was at two conferences and didn't understand some of it, and realized to late after I missed/stepped out of room that I could just buy the cd for the tax lien part of his program, can that be done through this site or only at conferences? asked someone else here, just looking into it


Sorry I was not able to get back to you till now. I just got back from out of country.
We might be able to help you get that stuff if you want. I could have someone call you about that if you wanted to get that info.

Tax Lien

Is it too late to sign up for the course and purchase tax liens in florida and other states?


So do you mean can you still buy liens from our company or what do you mean?

We still have things available that you can buy if you want some liens. We have things in FL and a lot of other states as well.

If you are interested in some liens from us just let me know and I can have someone from that department call you with what we have in inventory.

Tax Sales

Hi erosquist1 do you have any in Kenosha WI, if so I am interesting. Thanks!

Tax Lien Certificates

The program associated with DG offers a chance to purchase discounted Tax Liens. Those tax liens have obviously been purchased by an entity, so how is the ownership of the Tax Lien Certificate transferred. Is there a transfer contract or is the Tax Lien Certificate reissued in the new owners name? If the Certificate is reissued, does that change the date on the Lien Certificate at the County recorders office.


Robert Brandt

Kenosha WI, Discounted liens

For WI the best way will be to go to the county website and talk to the county about what would be available.
Finding county websites can be easily found through -----> go to public records online choose your state and then counties.

You may have seen my reply on another thread addressing the question of Lien ownership and transferring it.
The County once paid has an almost indifferent attitude about who owns the lien, some will provide you with the paperwork to transfer the ownership right then. This will have no effect on the redemption period of the lien in anyway.

Tax Lien Certificates

Thank you very much for the reply.


Robert Brandt

Any Lien or Loan on Property

Where do you find out if there is any kind of Lien or Loan on the property?

Success Academy

I wanted to get more info on the success academy. I filled out the info online this morning but did not receive any emails yet.
Thank you

Success Academy contact

Rjibowu, were you able to get into to contact with anyone as of yet? If not please let me know and we can make sure contact is made.

Coach or local mentor wanted in MN

I am new to this realm and would like a local person I can shadow in the process of obtaining tax liens and collecting.
Crawl, walk, run...

tax lien

One way to see what liens are on a property is to have your title company send you a preliminary title search which will show the liens and their position. The nice thing about tax liens is that they are in first place before mortgages and other liens so if you have to foreclose you will either get paid off by the mortgage company or other lien holders or you will wipe their liens off the title and take the property free and clear.

tax liens

One way to purchase tax liens is by attending the buying summit or contacting and purchasing liens they have already packaged for students for a typical 12% return. You can also call different county tax assessor offices yourself and learn what their particular procedure is for obtaining the liens they have for sell. It is riskier to do it on your own, but you can make a higher return if you do it right. You do have to bid against other investors and you need to do your homework in making sure the property is worth more than the tax owed. There are different procedures for foreclosing on a lien in every county, so compare them before you invest because some are much easier than others.

Foreclosing a house in Syracuse. Need local help

I am foreclosing on a property in Syracuse NY, for which I have a tax lien. I need a referral for a reputable broker, as well as other professionals that can help me assess the condition of the house and therefore help me determine its potential value. I need that in order to determine whether to go ahead with the process, and the expenses associated with foreclosing. Do you have any suggestions?



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