Tax sale info for all 50 states

Tax sale info for all 50 states

All 50 states have their own way of doing tax sales
Lien, deed, redeemable deed or some are hybrid that do both lien and deed sales.
If you are interested in a list of all 50 states document that shows their tax sale process
send me a private message with your email & I will send it to you.
It provides information such as
-Lien, deed, redeemable deed or hybrid state
-When they have their auctions in the year
-If they have their sales online at what web address
-If they do "OTC" (over the counter sales) or not.
If you have any questions on tax sales, feel free to ask me & I will help out best I can


that is so nice of you Coach!

thanks for sharing this great information on tax liens and tax deeds!



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Thanks coach.


Thank you

thank you for offering the information. I appreciate it.

warmest regards,
Lisa Richardson


Hey I had forgotten then when you do private messages it will keep your email hidden. So for those of you that sent me your email it hides the domain name & I do not have your email address to send this.
You have to separate your email from the domain name
So if you email me , do it in a format like this
Example123 @ gmail
this way I will know where to send it
rather then it showing up as example@******

looking to invest in nj

thanks for the wonder full information
Iam looking to invest in nj and if I can get over the counter tax lien
what shoul i do ?

Hey can you send it to me

I will love to have all 50 states tax-sale list hey just hit me with a private message cause it want let me send it to you thanks


Charles crocton

List of 50 states Tax Lien

I would love to have this list. How do I go about obtaining it ?

Please email at studpa at yahoo dot com


Wonder if this information has changed or

been updated and if it is still available?

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