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Desalegn Gemerew
Columbus, Ohio
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Hello every one, my name is Desalegn Gemerew, and I am a 20yrs old young motivated new investor in the Columbus, Ohio area. I am driven and determined to make it! I am willing and able to work with people, and listen to suggestions; I am also willing to work for free for an experienced investor in exchange for knowledge. If any one has anything they would like to ask or suggest to me please feel free. We are all trying to reach the same goal, so lets all help one another!

Real Estate, Real Estate, Real Estate!

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customer service rep, Student
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My name is Drake and I reside in columbus, oh as well. I'm 17 years old but i am motivated to make real estate work for me. I have a few thousand saved to get started but i plan on just getting started by assigning properties to other investors until im comfortable enough to do other kinds of deals. if you want to partner up on somethin or simply just exchange knowledge to help eachother let me know.