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Francisco L.
Los Angeles, CA.
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im just starting doing this, and i'll do everything i can to accomplish my goals in life.

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college student.
No Children
In College

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hi there my name is victor...i'm also a college student from new york...i'm new at this so i'd really apprisiate if u could give some tips of how to start investing...

Razrude, what's goin on I

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Razrude, what's goin on I seen your post and I just got here with the DG Family not too long ago, I feel your pain, My name is Aniekan from San Diego, and I havent met anyone from the west out here in the DG Fam. yet, but we can work something out here in the west coast.....first go on Creonline.com and look for investment clubs then find los Angeles real estate club go there and start making your networking...I went on myself and find out a club myself here in San Diego, so keep me posted on what's goin on
Peace Brother, stay in touch....let's keep this going.


Hi Francesco

I'm an investor located here in Los Angeles. My investment experience goes all the way back to 2000 when HUD was making properties available fairly easily until 2002 when every thing dried up. After buying and flipping over 35 properties and without any new prospects Las Vegas seemed like a good idea. Long story short got involved in some major developments which initially looked great but as you may have now heard Las Vegas is the Foreclosure Cap of the US. I am now back focusing in the LA area again. I actually have completed 2 deals prior to joining the DG family as its called. I am very interested in taking a look at what you got. let me know how you would like to proceed. My email is arnold@medebillinc.com look forward to hearing from you.

Investments in Western Properties

Hello group. I am interested in acquiring properties in the Western United States by way of investment groups. Short sales pre-forclosures, tax leins and even property such as land that can be bought by casinos looking for space to expand.


I saw your add regarding the deal in Los Angles. I'm looking to buy a house to live in :
3 B, 2+ bath. NO POOL, ATTACHED GARGRAGE. I'm looking in Northridge, Reseda, Chatsworth, Winnettka, Chatsworth ( 91335, 91324, 91325, 91326,91306, 91311...etc ). It must be in a good neighborhood. Can you help me.

Thank you

Hi. My name is Nettie

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Hi. My name is Nettie Nelson and I have a non profit home for abused women/children. I am implementing a program to teach the women how to invest in R.E. and become financially free. I would like to know if anyone can send me any foreclosure deals in the L.A. San Fernando, Sylmar area.