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Doug & Tammy Stevens
Sandersville, Georgia
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We are a husband & wife team, that are just getting started in Real Estate Investing, and we are so excited!! Our main goal in this business is to become financial independent. We look forward to hearing success stories of other like minded individuals.

Listening to positive information. ie: reading, movies, web searching, etc.

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day dreamers....

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it just sounded so right...anyway, i would actually recommend ASSIGNING DEALS rather than BIRD DOGGING, because i believe thiers a lesser chance of an investor screwing you over(sorry, didn't know how else to explain it?), you see, BIRD DOGGING can work however, what MOST WHOLESALE investors are doing now days is putting the property UNDER CONTRACT(having you the buyer & the seller sign a purchase agreement) that way thiers NO going around you for the deal(they HAVE to go through you!) then you essentially RE-ASSIGN the contract to the other investor for a FEE, usually between $5,000-$20,000 depending on how good of a deal you found, oh, and thats the other part thats better, you get paid a LOT more than BIRD DOGGING and it's essentially the same thing(well almost), any other questions you know where to find me, YOUR HERO, SULLY.