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Hello. Im 24 years old. I work at a government job. I have always been interested in Real Estate but I've never really applied myself to achieving any goals within in it until now. I am very eager to learn. I have owned one rental property but I sold it and I am now reading Dean's book "Profit from real estate right now". I'm a little scared, honestly, because I've never done this on my own before, and I feel like this is the real deal so I'm giving it a shot. I'm very excited to where this will take me. I currently live alone and depend on myself for my financial success and I'm on the poor side of the scales (lol) and I really would like to become financially independent and do well for myself and have my family and friends look at me and say "wow, she practically came from nothing and is now a huge success. I want to know what she knows". I enrolled in college but I'm not sure I'm pursuing the right major and maybe this is my wake-up call. I would love to be out of the rat-race so to speak. I know this isnt a get rich quick scheme, but like I said I'm very excited to be a part of this and see where it takes me!!!

Real Estate, Swimming, Family, traveling, learning various languages, hiking, etc.

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