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Thomas V. Dawson
Dania Beach, Fl. (So. Florida)
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Have invested a few times in my younger years, did OK, but never followed thru with real estate investing after a few tries. This year WILL be the year though, I HEARD what Dean was saying ABOUT TAKING ACTION!!! I'm simply just following his easy to follow steps followed up with ACTION. I've read (2) of his books and have taken action to locate properties, run ads to find investors & buyers, had business cards printed, had conversations with (9) investors & (1) mortgage broker that responded to my craigslist ads. So, now that I know what these investors criteria are, I'm driving neighborhoods and working with a Realtor to present an offer on (5) properties tailored to their criteria. It won't be long now.
Presently, With the help of my realtor, I'm showing properties to an end buyer who answered an ad. I had them pre-approved through my mortgage banker and used some creative, thinking out of the box solution to help find a way to attract an investor partner and solve a way to perform the necessary TLC repairs on a property they love but don't want to perform the repairs themselves or the extra finances required. All the pieces of the puzzle have been put together by simply following easy steps. Once I find an investing partner, the puzzle for this deal will be completed!!

Racquetball, fishing, chess, outdoors, watching college football & UFC

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My first post, just wanted to say Hi to everyone. Also, I had my first "home buyer" response to my email ads on craigslist. It was thrilling and exciting seeing how just following simple easy to follow steps along with ACTION works!!!
I'm using a creative way to buy a property for them, and it presents an attractive deal to an investor partner so we can close on the property.

Again, Hi to everyone,