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Hi My name is Lisa, and I just want to warn you about Mr. Hockett. Please don't have any dealings with him. He's a very shady character and you shouldn't trust him. Unfortunately for me I dealt with him and now I'm out $200. So right now I'm just spreading the word about this lending scam that he's running before he targets other victims. To make a long story short, he contacted me to offer his services, gave me a phony web-site to visit where I filled out the "application" and was told by Mr. Hockett that there was a "fee" that had to be paid up-front. So I then Western Union a payment to him which he claimed he never received (which was a lie, I called Western Union and they told me he did collect it. They gave me all the details about the transaction). I was informed that this transaction was fraudulent and was advised to file a fraud claim against him and to contact my local police dept. Right now this case is under investigation and I don't know if I'll ever get my money back.