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tips on setting up first deal under contract

Hello my name is Vanella I'm new to the real estate world. I Purchased dean's book about a month ago and was so impressed that I couldn't put the book down. after reading it (profit from real estate now)I started to research my own area for REO'S and FSOB'S and anything real estate related. In doing so i came across an ad in the local paper that caught my attention. just trying to see what it would be like to talk to someone over the phone about selling their house and find out the reason they were selling. the thing is i had no idea how this would go. well the conversation went well and in the end, I asked if I was unable to buy the house myself, would she allow me to bring her someone who would buy the house.and she said yes, so I'm asking anyone with tips on what my next step should be. i plan to met her and put the house under contract for 30-60 days in hopes of finding a buyer to assign it to and collect a finder's fee in the process. i just need to know if I'm on the right path or is there something i need to do different. also any tips on how to include your finders and collect would be very helpful thanks.

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Here are some resources to get you started! Please leave your comments in the post or two. And, Don't forget to check out all of the other great resources available in the books, links, downloads, conference calls and website provided here.

May You have Great Success on your Journey! You will find a vast array of information at your disposal on this site.
Most of your questions can also be answered by researching in some of the Forums, Posts, and other links available.
It would also be to your advantage to complete your profile to it's fullest as well.
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2nd time hopefully is a charm!!!

Hello to all in investing land I would like to thatnk everyone for your time and suggestions I am truly grateful. I writting to say I am back on board with a total new attitude and belife that I can do this I. I must say that when I got started with this real estate adventure last year . I was pretty scared and did not feel that I would be able to do this i have no money and not the best credit I am also a mother to four and wife so I just couldn.t find the time I felt like i would never learn what I needed to be successful in this and i basiclly scared myself away. well now 'm back and ready to test the water i've taken dean's advice and call his coaching staff so i'll be in touch and keep you all updated on my progress see you at the top.